• Aspiration and dedusting VLE – VGD
  • Confined spaces ventilation – NR 33
  • Filtering and ventilation – ABNT 16.577
  • Consulting on ventilations systems

Full list of services that we provide

  • Exhaustors and fans design
  • Works on confined spaces ventilations systems – NR 33
  • Consulting on industrial ventilation
  • Exhaustors and insufflators to Area Classified
  • Industrial ventilation design
  • Ventilation projects for thermal comfort
  • Industrial ventilation projects and particulate filtration
  • Painting Cabins
  • Battery rooms; Pressurized Stairs
  • Design of ventilation systems for professional kitchens – NBR 14.518
  • Vehicle exhaustion (motorcycles, automobiles, trucks and roadworks...)
  • Pressurizing with air filtration through da NBR 16.401 for pressurized rooms, electrical panels, laboratories...
  • Exhaustion system for welding fumes and air pollutants
  • Acoustics and Vibration Services through commercial partnerships with “dBtech”
  • Technical analysis with certified and calibrated instrumentation

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